Does Winter Weather Have You Feeling Sad?

With winter comes cold weather. Currently where our company is located, Fairfield County CT, it is 20° outside.With this chilly weather many people can experience Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which is a form depression brought on during the colder months. has provide a few scientifically backed ways to beat the winter blues. 

1. Add more light to your day. The days have become shorter, with the mornings staying darker longer and the evening become darker earlier. It sometimes is too cold to go outside! Try sitting next to a window, or opening the blinds and curtains. 

2. Eat foods that will make you feel better. Chocolate can help reduce anxiety and enhance your mood. But, make sure you do not eat too much candy because it will cause a short term relief making you feel more depressed in the end. 


3. Exercise! Exercising will improve your mood tremendously. Just a little bit every day will help you face the cold months. 

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