Curtains are essential to finish off a room. They provide shade and privacy, while adding something special around boring windows. Even though hanging curtains can be a little tricky, here are some helpful hints to make it easier.

Make sure you are using enough fabric.

You want to measure the windows to make sure you are purchasing panels that will fully block out the light. Nothing is worse that waking up to a beam of light in your face.

Measure for correct curtain length.


If the panels are too short it will look awkward and out of place. It will make your room look shorter and smaller. If the panels are too long they will drag on the floor and cause a build up of dust. You want to purchase curtains that are right at that happy medium.

Hanging the rods in the right place.

You want to hang the rod in the right place so your curtains do not hang to long or short. Try mounting the rod 4 to 6 inches about the window frame and the rod itself should be 8 to 12 inches wider that the window.

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