How to Clean any Stove Top

Are you unsure on how to properly clean the stove top in your kitchen? Whether it is a glass top, gas burners, or electric coils, here are some helpful tips to remove built up grime. 

1. Glass Cook Top

stove top

A glass cook top has become increasingly more popular due to their sleek design. They are smooth and can almost be undetectable on kitchen counters. These tops are also easy to clean. With a flat surface all you have to is wipe down with a cloth after cooking. But, grease and other spills can build up after a few days. To clean the tough stains, soak the area in glass cleaner (approved for glass cook tops) and use a single edge scraper. Hold the scraper at a 40 degree angle, going slow with not too much pressure. 

2. Gas Cook Top

Gas cook tops use a real flame that provides even heating, with more modern styles coming in a variety of burner sizes and shapes. Unfortunately, the grates make it more difficult to clean because grease, oil, and food stick to them until the stains become noticeable. When this happens the sticky residue is more difficult to remove. If the manual for your gas stove say it’s okay, you can run the grates through the dishwasher. For more difficult stains, you can soak the grates in warm soapy water and wipe down with a sponge. 

3. Electric Coil Cook Top

Electric coil cook tops are similar to gas cook tops but they do not use a flame, which means they tend to be a little more safe. But, they both provide even heating. Similar to grates on a gas stove, the electric coils prone to a stick residue. To clean these burners you need to remove them, gently unplug and wipe with a wet soapy sponge. Make sure you DO NOT get the electrical connection wet. While the burners are drying, you should clean the rest of the stove with the sponge. Once everything is dry, reconnect the burners.

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