Trying to Save Your Favorite Potted Plants From the Cold?

Now that summer is officially over, we should prepare to protect our potted plants for next summer. HGTV provides some quick and simple steps to save your plants from the cold weather.

HGTV emphasizes that the most important thing to do with your potted plants is to protect the roots. Here are some of their tips:

1. Avoid exposing the plants to the freeze/thaw cycle. Fluctuating temperatures can do a lot of damage to the roots.To avoid this, you should keep the plants on soil rather that on pavement. The pavement can get hot during the day and cold at night. This can expose the plants to the freeze/thaw cycle.

2. Choose a bigger pot rather than a smaller pot. Large pots can hold more soil which can help insulate the roots to keep them warmer.

3. Water the plants in the middle of the day when there are warmer temperatures. Try to only water the plants when the temperature is above freezing, and the weather conditions are not to harsh.


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