Popular Mechanics provides tips on organic lawn care

How much does it rain where you live? Do you know the pH of your soil? How often do you cut your grass?  Do you use organic or chemical fertilizers?

These are all important questions that you should know the answer to if you want lush, green grass. Popular Mechanics provides 20 tips on natural organic lawn care to keep your grass looking its best over the summer.


Here are some of the tips provided:

1.  Not all grass plants are created equal. Some grow tall, some short. Some grasses prefer full sun, others tolerate shade, or foot traffic, or drought. Know what kind of grass if the best for where you live.

2. Compost naturally provides the nutrients your lawn and garden need to grow and stay healthy — and you can easily make your own from kitchen and yard waste.

3. How to reduce your lawn watering by 70 to 100%.

4. How to mow for a green lawn.

5. How to keep your lawn safe for outdoor activities in the warmer weather.

To see all the tips on organic lawn care, go to http://www.popularmechanics.com/home.

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