Benjamin Obdyke’s Drainable Housewrap

//Benjamin Obdyke’s Drainable Housewrap

Benjamin Obdyke’s Drainable Housewrap

Benjamin Obdyke’s Housewrap Protects Your Home 

A drainable housewrap  incorporates both a water-resistive layer and a drainage gap, greatly facilitating water drainage from behind the exterior siding. Benjamin Obdyke’s HydroGap provides a much higher and more constant drain rate than standard housewraps. Compared to standard housewraps, HydroGap is 100 times more effective at removing bulk water from the wall.


The compression spacers assure a continuous and efficient true drainage gap. The HydroGap also has superior strength due to the multiple layers that protect it during installation. Obdyke’s Housewrap can be installed in any direction without affecting its performance. Also, there is no need for tape which can cut down on costs.  


Olson Development uses this product on our custom homes that will be covered in wood siding. Here is one of our homes using the HydroGap:

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