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How do you "Tie-Down" a residential home?.

Building homes that last, start with the #SimpsonStrongTie products to "tie-down" your home.We use #Simpson joist hangers, hurricane straps and truss connectors +++.All the extra precautions, done inside the walls of your home, make it a home that will...

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All Solar Panels are not created equal.

We use #Winaico panels because they have a 25 year linear performance guarantee. By the time the solar investment is paid for, the panels are still operating efficiently.  Here is a photo of how the panels attach to an asphalt roof.

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Green Insulation?

Green Insulation?  We use #Roxul AFB in all of our interior walls.  This insulation is made from rocks!  It's fire resistant, soundproof, and doesn't let mildew or fungi grow in your walls.  Makes your home sound and feel solid.

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Farming In Connecticut

Farming in Connecticut?  Yes, we have farmers and plenty of farming going on here, much to the surprise of most.  There are lots of horse farms in CT.  This is the view from our office, taken last week!

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Marvin Integrity Windows in our New Home

Aside from their durability and energy efficiency #integritywindow has a timeless look with architectural versatility and stunning looks in transitional homes or the "New England Modern"

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Kleer PVC Products

Without compromising a real wood look,@TapcoGroup Kleer PVC trim products are longer lasting and is low maintenance which is sometimes preferred on oceanfront homes!

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Lasting Quality with Weyerhaeuser

Here at Olson Development LLC, we build homes that have lasting quality.  They not only look good on the day they are finished, they continue to look new for years and years.  With  great wood products from Weyerhaueser  @WoodbyWY &...

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How we do Masonry

This is an in-progress photo of what the inside is shaping up to look like.The center cutout is for a 60" TV, all pre-wired before the stone was installed.Watch for this project to finish this summer.

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Westport Transformation

BEFOREAFTERThe Westport, Connecticut farmhouse made an amazing transformation, Built by Olson Development and designed and landscaped by Huelster Design.

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Custom Home for Sale

Designed and built by Mark Olson, Olson Dev LLC, in 1992.  First time for sale.  A rare location, with hiking trails right from your backyard, and a forever farm across the street.

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